How Travel Bloggers Can Take Advantage of Global Resorts Network

Are you fond of writing about travel destinations? If so, then the Global Resorts Network can sure help you out with your passion of being a travel writer. But how exactly does that work?

First, you need to have a blog. A blog is a webpage wherein you can write about your favorite travel destinations and how you can promote them to your readers. Of course you would have to do a little marketing to make your blog popular in your chosen niche, but that would be easy as long as you do follow the right methods in the field of online marketing.

Once you have a blog established, then you begin writing. Yes you will have to write about the places you’ve been to as well as those that you haven’t been to yet, for your main goal is to introduce them to your readers. If you have the will and power and drive to write, then this job would be of course, very easy.

Now that you have the content, this is where the Global Resorts Network comes in. The Global Resorts Network is a company that offers luxury discounted travel memberships, which would be truly handy for people who love to go places. You should first become a member of the said network, and from there you can start earning more money.

Your added goal now is to feature Global Resorts Network on your blog. It can be in the form of feature text articles, or you can use banner links which the company would provide you. Remember that the Global Resorts Network is tied up with various resorts, hotels, and travel spots across the globe, thus you can easily use your membership to get advanced bookings and reservations without the stiff competition against other aspiring vacationers.

One effective method you can do is by featuring a particular travel site where the Global Resorts Network is tied up with. Reveal the things this destination has for its visitors, and since they would be spending a lot, you tell your readers about the different ways where they can get efficient travel destination bookings at a discounted price. This would attract more clients to sign up and purchase memberships, as they know this would come handy whenever they decide to go on a trip.

So, do you want to earn more money from your travel blog? Then be part of

Backpacking, Is It The Best Way to Travel Abroad?

People love to travel. Travelling the world appeals to people from all walks of life.

There is the right kind of travel out there to suit all budgets, from high dollar luxury resorts in the Maldives to $5 per night rooms for Backpackers in Bangkok.

For most though, their travel budget lies somewhere in the middle, between luxury resorts and travelling on a dime.

Backpacking these days has never been more affordable, with budget airlines competing to get bums on seats and the internet making it so easy to find and compare hotels and youth hostels online.

Asia has long been a favourite for backpackers and budget travellers. SE Asia in particular, offers almost any kind of travel experience you desire. including luxury beach-side resorts or budget $15 per night beach bungalows – Thailand’s Islands such as Koh Samui are famous for.

From Bangkok, Thailand’s major hub – you can fly to just about any city in Asia that has an airport.

With a multitude of budget airlines flying out of Bangkok, you can get some great value fairs from anywhere to Siem Reap in Cambodia or Hanoi in Vietnam or even to less travelled Borneo.

Its always a good idea to have a travel gear checklist on hand to make sure you’re taking the right kind of travel backpack, clothing, shoes and even first aid kit and medication for your sabbatical.

When Backpacking in South East Asia, a sturdy travel backpack is recommended, along with a good quality pair of travel pants, such as cargo pants with lots of pockets that zip or button up to keep your valuables safe while on the road.

You don’t need to worry about packing too much when going to Asia, in fact its best to travel light. Make sure you take a few pairs of pants, some swimming bathers, a few t-shirts, a sturdy pair of travel shoes and that should be a good start.

Remember, it’s Asia. If you’ve forgotten anything important you can probably buy it there cheaper than you can at home.

Its also a great idea to visit some SE Asia Travel Blogs before you go backpacking to read other travellers stories and get recommendations and advice on where to travel to, what to pack and keep up to date with general travel news from all the RWT (around the world travel) blogs.

If travelling to Europe, you probably want to pack a few more things, as the weather varies a lot depending if you travel in summer or winter.

Mobile Broadband – Blogging Made Easy

For people that are fond of traveling to different places and would like to blog about their adventures, mobile blogging is very possible now with the revolutionized wireless Internet connections.

Blogging as you travel is an excellent way to share your experiences with others and inspire yourself to visit different places as well. Every time you would like to update your blog about your recent travels, then having a wireless Internet service will make a very big difference in doing so. Let us say that you are in an island resort and you are enjoying the view with your friends. After taking a few pictures and savoring the moment, you would like to share this to your other friends around the world but could not do so because there are no Wi-Fi networks available nearby.

But there are a lot of public places and establishments today that are offering this service to people – for free! If you have a phone that can connect to wireless Internet, you can easily update your travel blog with the latest pictures that you just took a while ago at the beach. As the old saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words and this can be very appealing to look at when you are reading another person’s blog. It also makes the blog much easier and interesting to read.

Aside from being able to share these pictures, you can also keep your content updated. People who are following your blog and are avid readers of your adventures would like to know about your most recent trip. This is your chance to not bring them down as with mobile broadband connectivity, you can post even short paragraphs of your trip with them. Once you get to your laptop, you can then make changes and update your travel blog accordingly.

Not only do travel bloggers benefit from wireless Internet connectivity but also other people who just love to blog whether it is for monetary gain or personal preference. There are many individuals who would just like to hang out at a coffee shop and blog about their friends, relationships and other things that they can think of. For people who are doing this for their work, there are many ways that they can maximize the use of wireless Internet connectivity. One of this is attending meetings with your boss and then blog about what the meeting was about and where it took place.